Metal Roofing – 1771 Appleby Line, Burlington ON

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing – 1771 Appleby Line, Burlington ON

1771 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON Canada

Application: Metal Roof
-SpraySeal NS-R200
-BrushSeal HB-600-BR
-Reinforcement Geofabric NS-200R

Size:170,000 sq.ft
Date: March,2020


  • Using NaturaSeal’s spray-applied roofing system, high ribs throughout the roof were easily sprayed in a seamless & monolithic application
  • Metal roof was sprayed at a height of 25 Ft
  • Leaks were noticed at the North-East corner parapet wall. Leaks have stopped subsequent to the application of BrushSeal HB-600-BR & NS- 200R during the detail phase.
  • Entire roof structure was corroded
  • All nuts, bolts and seams were treated with BrushSeal HB-600-BR prior to waterproofing membrane application
  • Completed in 2 weeks

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