Naturaseal offers coatings for foundations and decks that are designed to present the passage of water and other liquids through the membrane. With its ability to withstand significant hydrostatic pressure, the product keeps water away from the protected surface.

When applied to a foundation, the coating will seamlessly span settling cracks, not only during application but in the future. Furthermore, the membrane remains elastic at low temperatures, ensuring reliable performance regardless of temperature fluctuations. It can be used for blindside waterproofing, and for between-slab applications. In addition, it can serve as a replacement for BlueSkin, Tremco Watchdog, and Tough & Dry.

The deck waterproofing systems can be easily applied to most substrates using a brush or roller. Your deck will be resistant to UV rays even during the hottest summers, and it will withstand the impact of family life. The deck system has a high degree of elasticity, giving it unsurpassed expansion/contraction capabilities.

Like all Naturaseal products, the waterproofing application is made from top quality material with proven durability. The coatings are water-based and contain no VOCs, which means you can give your deck and foundations superior protection at no cost to the environment.

Waterproofing Products

  • PatchSeal:

    applied by trowel or caulking tube, this product is designed to fill cracks and awkward spaces.

  • SpraySeal:

    a spray application that can cover a large area in a short amount of time.

  • BrushSeal:

    a highly elastomeric coating that is applied with a brush or roler.

  • RadonShield:

    a radon-proof spray application that seals walls and floors in basements.

  • AcriSeal:

    a protective, water-resistant top coat that comes in a variety of colours.

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