Elastomeric weather-resistant roof coating that conserves energy and extends the life of your roof. Eco-friendly, easy to apply, safe to use.

WhiteSeal is a highly versatile elastomeric coating designed to provide superior waterproofing and UV resistance for roofs. It will make your roof last longer while significantly reducing the energy requirements of the building.

Features & Benefits

  • WhiteSeal creates a seamless coating on a variety of roof surfaces, including BUR, Mod-bit, EDPM, concrete and asphalt.
  • The application is flexible even at low temperatures, resulting in a longer roof cycle.
  • WhiteSeal provides 89% reflectivity of solar radiation, and reduces the energy requirements of the building.
  • WhiteSeal helps combat the Heat Island Effect.
  • The product resists abrasion, organic growth and dirt.

Storage & Use

  • WhiteSeal can be used for aesthetic purposes: it comes in a smooth elastomeric finish or a decorative finish in a variety of colours.
  • The product can also be used on steel roof structures and supporting walls.
  • Quick and easy to apply with brush, roll or spray applications.