Eco-friendly and easy to apply. Wood coating that protects against fire and smoke, and eliminates insects, bacteria and rodents.


Naturaseal’s WoodSeal product protects wood by creating a barrier between it and fire. It reduces the production of smoke, thereby maximizing the full advantages of wood. This application eliminates existing termites while preventing the influx of other insects and rodents, as well as some types of bacteria. It also has fungus-inhibiting properties, and can safely be used near plants and pets. Like all of our products, WoodSeal is non-toxic and does not produce odours. It is VOC-free and environmentally friendly, and it is easy to apply without the need for lengthy preparation or protective clothing.

Fireproofing products

  • WoodSeal: a coating for wood that protects it from fire, smoke and insects. It involves minimal preparation, and can be applied with a brush, roller or spray system.