Naturaseal offers a variety of roof coating products that are applied to existing roof substrate material. Unlike traditionally used paint, which can crack as a result of normal movement, roof coatings are flexible over a range of conditions. They can compensate for the stresses caused by temperature, settling of the foundation, the weight of snow and ice, and seasonal expansion and contraction. The coatings can be applied in single or multiple layers, depending on the desired performance and service factors. There are many advantages to using Naturaseal products:

  • They are environmentally friendly, water-based, and free of toxins and VOCs

  • They are safe and easy to use

  • They set or cure quickly, achieving maximum efficiency within hours of application

  • They offer 850% elongation with 95% recovery

  • They are cold-applied

  • There are no tear-offs

  • No waste disposal is required

  • They have low Perm Rating

Roofing Products

  • SpraySeal:

    an elastomer modified bitumen emulsion that produces an instantly setting, waterproof membrane.

  • BrushSeal:

    ideal for corrosion protection and waterproofing of flat or low-slope roofs. Applied via brush-and-roll applications, this product effectively repairs aging roofing material. Its ability to adapt to surface movement and thermal changes makes it an ideal choice for ducts and plenums.

  • PatchSeal:

    applied by trowel and caulking tube, this product is ideal for waterproofing and filling cracks.

  • WhiteSeal:

    a highly flexible elastomeric coating that provides waterproof and corrosion protection with high UV/weather resistance.

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