Naturaseal offers a pitch/polymer emulsion that effectively binds native road and shoulder surfaces to create a waterproof non-leaching barrier. Canadian weather conditions often lead to the need for repetitive road repairs which can become costly. The Naturaseal application will produce a road surface that is easier and less expensive to maintain.

The pitch/polymer emulsion seals granular shoulders, preventing erosion and potholes, and it stabilizes the shoulder and the road to create a barrier that is wind-resistant and waterproof. The coarse aggregates and fines are bound together, eliminating erosion and preventing the infiltration of water. This leads to a reduction in maintenance costs such as grading crews, equipment and asphalt repairs. At the same time, the risks of personal injury and damage to property are drastically reduced.

The product is non-toxic, VOC free and environmentally friendly. It can be easily applied without the need for protective gear

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