Effective corrosion protection for pipelines, tanks, buildings and more. Prevent corrosion on new surfaces, and stop corrosion where it has already started.

Industrial environments create special challenges, including the risk of corrosion. Naturaseal has corrosion protection products that can prevent or halt corrosion in the most extreme conditions. The environmentally friendly coatings effectively protect pipelines, conveyers, storage tanks, equipment and almost any kind of structure. Not only can our products prevent corrosion on new surfaces, they can prevent further damage to areas that are already corroded.

The advantage of Naturaseal corrosion protection

  • No primer is needed. To prepare your surface, simply remove loose material and power wash it. New metal can be washed with vinegar or environmentally friendly degreaser.
  • The coating cures within one or two days, depending on thickness, temperature, humidity and air movement.
  • Coating is cold-applied.
  • Products are aesthetically pleasing.
  • There are no solvents or VOCs: products are completely safe for the environment.
  • The product can be safely applied without the need for protective gear.

Corrosion Protection Products

  • BrushSeal:protects metal surfaces from corrosive soil environments, salts and moisture
  • SpraySeal:seamlessly covers large surface areas with an easy spray application
  • MineSeal:effectively protects metal surfaces from corrosive chemicals
  • PatchSeal:fills cracks and awkward spaces

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