Marine Corrosion Protection

Corrosion in industrial marine settings is a huge concern for every shipping and/or shore based marine business. Metal in marine environments, after all, is put at the mercy of highly corrosive chlorine salts, moisture, and chemicals, which can drastically exasperate the onset of rust and galvanic corrosion. In fact, because ships and marine structures are composed of a variety of different materials, corrosion around bow thrusters, rudder surfaces, weld seams, and in other vital component areas, is a constant problem for marine businesses.

Thankfully, at Naturaseal, we have formulated a range of high-quality marine coatings which specialize in combatting both galvanic and moisture based corrosion. Application of Naturaseal’s BrushSeal and SpraySeal, for example, can help completely prevent surface corrosion of metal and wood in a range of marine environments. Naturaseal Mineseal in the meantime is specially designed for more robust industrial application on surfaces which might be buried or submerged beneath marine waterlines.

Given the robustness and versatility of our marine corrosion protection products, our MineSeal, in particular, is perfect for helping safeguard the structural integrity of vessels and marine structures, while also helping owners and operators significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

How Marine Corrosion Starts

It is common knowledge that seawater alone can significantly expedite the breakdown of metal, wood, and plastics in marine environments. However, different chemicals, microorganisms, weeds, and even sand deposits can also expedite corrosion. This is because sulfates and corrosive hydrogen sulfides can accumulate in mud and silt, resulting in particularly aggressive corrosion of steel and copper based alloys.

Pitting and Cavitation

Aside from just chemical and aquatic environmental corrosion, it is also the case that marine structures and vessels can be adversely affected by pitting and cavitation. Water moving at high velocities combined with pressurized air bubble formation can cause physical micro-pitting of metal surfaces. This being the case unless surfaces are adequately protected, pitting can quickly develop into cavitation and hydrogen induced cracking of integral surfaces and machine components.

Of course, as well as just pitting and cavitation, the different metal compositions of many marine vessels and structures, means that operators also have to worry about simultaneous exposure to aggressive galvanic corrosion factors. The good news, however, is that protective coatings such as Naturaseal’s MineSeal, BrushSeal, and SpraySeal, will isolate at risk surfaces and components from corrosion. Even better, Naturaseal PatchSeal can be used to fill cracks and repair already corroded surfaces. Combined and with regular application, Naturaseal marine corrosion sealants can, therefore, help significantly prolong vessel and metal structure lifetimes.

Protecting Metal from Marine Corrosion via Cathodic Protection Devices

The key thing to remember when protecting metal from marine corrosion is that one solution will rarely be enough to fully protect all the key surfaces and mechanical components of a vessel, structure, or marine pipeline. This being the case, while Naturaseal has formulated some of the most robust sealants presently on the market, operators of marine vessels and structures will likely want to combine our sealant solutions with different cathodic and inhibitor corrosion protection devices.

Understanding Galvanic Corrosion in Marine Environments

While Naturaseal sealants can provide elastomeric and long lasting corrosion protection, the only way to completely forestall galvanic corrosion especially, is to also use cathodes which can redirect corrosive forces to dedicated sacrificial metal components. In like regard, onboard ship and marine structure inhibitors will effectively help prevent corrosion coming about due to both atmospheric exposure to corrosive elements, as well as stagnant water in areas such as bilge pump installations.

Naturaseal & Environmentally Friendly Marine Corrosion Protection

What makes Naturaseal products such as our SpraySeal, BrushSeal, and MineSeal really stand out, is that all of our products are both VOC-free and free of any and all toxins which can have adverse effects on human health and/or the wider natural environment. Even better, sealant solutions such as our SpraySeal are both elastomeric and self-healing. This makes them perfect for heavy industrial applications, as well as for residential use in areas prone to atmospheric marine corrosion.

Are you looking for environmentally friendly, yet 100% reliable marine corrosion protection? If so, make sure to familiarize yourself with our different Naturaseal products today. In like regard, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly should you be in need of further product information or application advice.