Car Corrosion Protection

When we think of car corrosion protection, we immediately bring to mind unsightly rust spots around wheel arches and bonnet and boot perimeters. However, while we all ideally want to protect the visible metal on our cars from rust and corrosion for aesthetic reasons, it is important to note that rust and corrosion can pose a significant safety risk also.

We are all aware of how body panels especially can become prone to rust and electrochemical corrosion. However, corrosion can also compromise the underlying metal frame of a car. This being the case, preventing corrosion is imperative in order to ensure better road safety, especially in mind of older car and vehicle models.

Why the Metal in your Car is prone to Rust

In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety, the average car is composed of 50% steel in the frame, coupled with aluminum alloys and a variety of other metals such as copper and platinum. The problem with corrosion in the average car subsequently stems from the fact that metals like steel with a high iron content are prone to rust, while other metals like aluminum are themselves prone to galvanic corrosion.

Of course, to impeded corrosion before it starts, manufacturers apply protective coatings and inhibitors to prevent both galvanic corrosion and rust. Over time, however, these coatings can wear down. In fact, this is precisely why visible corrosion on a car will usually start around wheel arches and bonnet rims where friction and moisture are at their most abundant.

Preventing Corrosion before it Starts

The easiest way to provide better protection for the metal on your car is to regularly wash, rinse, and wax your vehicle. At the same time, a car kept in a covered parking space will be much less susceptible to moisture instigated rust.

Of course, rust and corrosion is almost guaranteed to take hold at some point. However, when it does, scraping away rust to prevent it from spreading, before applying an anti-corrosive rust arrestor will help stop rust in its tracks prior to it becoming a more serious issue.

Naturaseal Car Corrosion Protection

In order to help you protect the metal in your car to the highest possible standard, Naturaseal is at the forefront of developing safe and easy to apply protective sealants and anti-corrosives. Our own coatings, are elastomeric, provide total waterproofing, and are designed specifically for application in areas exposed to changeable weather conditions. At the same time, our metal protection solutions are 100% safe, easy to apply, and eco-friendly.

How not to Protect the Metal in your Car from Corrosion

Protecting the metal in your car from corrosion is simple in theory. Owners simply need to make sure that panels and body components are sealed from environmental corrosive factors such as moisture and different atmospheric chemicals. This is why at Naturaseal, we provide car owners with sealant solutions which do just this.

There is a misplaced belief, however, that cathodic protection of metal in cars can be achieved by adding anodes and so-called sacrifice metal components. Sadly, cathodic protection of a car (or any kind of road vehicle) simply isn’t possible. This is due to the fact that cars are insulated electrically from the outside world, and a full cathodic circuit can never be achieved unless a vehicle is stationary and constantly electrically grounded.

Are you looking for a way to protect your car from corrosion? Of so, make sure to familiarize yourself with Naturaseal’s 100% safe and toxin free corrosion protection products today. In doing so, you will benefit from corrosion impeeding products trusted not just by other road users, but also a wide variety of our commercial and heavy industry clients.