Our basements serve as the foundations which our homes are built upon. This being the case, it is imperative to attend to basement damp and waterproofing problems as soon as they occur. Prolonged damp isn’t just inconvenient. Whether caused by interior humidity, outside drain overflows, or water entering through a crack in a basement wall, prolonged damp can cause a multitude of serious structural and human health problems.

The Importance of Adequate Foundation Sealing & Waterproofing

Because basement areas are situated below ground level, ground-based moisture constantly attempts to find a way into properties. At the same time, everything from buildings settling to poor sealing during construction can result in interior leak and damp problems. Worse, when damp does start, the main problem for homeowners lies with the fact that water entering a property will steadily weaken basement wall and foundation areas.

The Effects of Prolonged Damp

When damp is allowed to progress in basement areas, cracks and buckling can take hold. In fact, foundation walls can become compromised to such an extent that a full foundation replacement might become necessary. At the same time, damp in any area of a property will often result in outbreaks of mold. Moreover, as well as being aesthetically inconvenient, mold spores circulating in the air in a property can cause a variety of serious health problems for you and your home’s other inhabitants.

Identifying the Source of Damp in your Property

Given the potential seriousness of basement damp and mold outbreaks, it is imperative to identify the underlying cause of damp in your basement asap. Thankfully, identifying the cause of damp can be a relatively simple process. The first thing homeowners need to do is place a sheet of aluminum foil against a basement wall surface and leave this in place overnight. If on later inspection, moisture can be discovered on the room facing side of the foil, humidity, and interior condensation is likely the root cause of a basement damp problem.

Conversely, if wall facing sides of aluminum foil are coated with a film of water, damp entering a property from the outside is likely your chief cause for concern. In this case, homeowners will then need to carry out a thorough assessment of the area around their property’s exterior in order to ascertain how and why excessive moisture might be entering their basement.

How to Successfully Waterproof (or Re-waterproof) a Damp Basement

Traditionally, artificial silicate and rubber coatings are used to waterproof the exterior and interior walls in basement areas. However, at Naturaseal, we have developed a comprehensive range of naturally based sealants suitable for a broad range of applications. Our PatchSeal, for example, can be used to effectively fill and completely seal wall cracks where damp is entering a property.

Regardless, however, of what products you choose to use to reseal basement walls, the most important thing to remember is that any protective membrane must be both waterproof and elastomeric. This is because all buildings will continue to settle and shift slightly during the course of their lifetimes.

Thankfully, both Naturaseal’s SpraySeal and BrushSeal will expand and contract in accordance with both local climatic changes and minor shifts in property foundations. This being the case, whether applied to interior or exterior wall spaces, homeowners benefit from total, as well as 100% permanent waterproofing solutions. In fact, this is precisely why NaturaSeal basement waterproofing products are becoming increasingly popular among new home developers, as well as just among people looking for waterproofing solutions for existing basements.

Mold & Damp Preventative Basement Waterproofing Systems

As well as being easy to apply to both exterior and interior basement walls, at Naturaseal, we believe that all of our products should equip property owners with the most comprehensive waterproofing solutions possible. This is why products like our RadonShield, provide both damp and mold protection, as well as help seal homes from naturally occurring (but health detrimental) radon gas emissions.

Are you currently experiencing a damp problem in your basement? If so, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Instead, act now by investing in a 100% safe and effective basement waterproofing solution which will help you keep your home both dryer and safer for you and all your homes inhabitants.